New Jersey Has A New Star By The Name Of TMG

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New Jersey Has A New Star By The Name Of TMG

TMG is a star in the making coming from Paterson New Jersey. He found his talent for making music on a whim from a friendship and went with it ever since. His music covers a wide variety of genres that revolve around Hip Hop, R&B, and pop music. Notable artists who influenced TMG include Tupac, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G, and Drake, which helps him cultivate a sound that resonates with people worldwide.

“I started on this journey in 2017 just having fun with it. But I remembered my little brother who passed away telling me that he always wanted to be famous. So I do it for him and hopefully one day everyone will know both our stories. The journey that I’m on now is the next stage of my artistry, and that’s to climb to the top of the charts.” – TMG.

With a diverse catalog and new tracks set to drop soon keep TMG on your radar. He’s a one-for-one artist and is set to change lives soon.



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